"Sales is hard...​😰​," ​​​​​​sips Kenyan tea...

But if you're in fintech or financial services and you sell all day, this is probably going to be your favourite source of sales content—and weird research—sorely focused on our niche.

Is this 👆🏿your world


Campaign Consult

This service is best for startups still searching for a perfect product-market fit through outbound.

(Or when things are muddy and could use a data-based tweak.)


  • ICP research (job description data mining, testimonials, cases studies)
  • Create voice of customer template (a bible of how your prospect describes: pain point+impact+results)
  • Cold email sequence design and copywriting
  • Email deliverability audit and setup (checking DKIM, SPF, DMARC records, email warmups, setting up alternate domains)
  • Campaign monitoring, adjusting and A/B testing to find the right tweaks

Cold Email Copywriting

How do you space your cold emails… are they scannable?

How long is your first line and how much of it is visible on mobile phones? Does your agitating line stand out from the rest of the email?

Who does the problem you’re trying to solve for them affect? (Can we mention the affected party in the email? What does that do?)

Copy Audits and Rewrites

  • Voice of customer research (from testimonials, case study, reviews, ads, etc...)
  • Email copy design (spacing, formating, use of screenshots...)
  • Subject line+first line optimised for clicks
  • Agitating line based on problem|pain|impact|result to spark engagement
  • A/B testing

What Others Say

Here’s Kel Ekeledo, an AE selling to mid-market companies at Kudos, a Series A employee recognition software company. He shares why you should work with me.

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