How to separate People Chips emails from non-People Chips in Google Sheets for free

How to separate People Chips emails from non-People Chips in Google Sheets for free

People Chips provides a free way to verify Google Workspace emails. But if you have a sheet of 1,000 emails and half of them are People Chips, how do you separate them without working your fingers numb doing it manually? Here's how...

Duplicate the column with the emails you want to verify using People Chips.

Select the duplicate column, right click and go down to “smart chips” as shown in the screenshot below, then select "convert to people chips.” 

At the end of this, you’ll have a column with some cells full of People Chip emails and others without. Create a third column and name it however you want. I named it comparison.

Go to the second cell of that third column. In my case, that’s cell L2 (column L, cell number 2). Add this formula: =TYPE(L2) and click enter. A number will appear in the cell.

Hover at the bottom corner of that cell and double klick to copy that formula to all the cells below it.

The People Chips emails will show 128 while the non-People Chips emails will show 2.

All you are left to do is create a filter in the comparison column to only show emails with 128 in them and copy them into a different sheet. (I like to assign them a colour; so I know all blue or purple sheets are People Chips).


If you don’t know how to create filters, here are step-by-step screenshots:

Step 1: right click on a column and scroll over to "create filter"

Step 2: click on the funnel icon that's been added to the first cell of your column 

Step 3: click on "filter by condition," select "text contains" and type 128. Click ok.

That's it, happy hunting.


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