"Is it going to be any good?" (Double scratches eyebrow)

Well… this is Kel Ekeledo, an Account Executive at Kudos (108 employees, $15.8M funding). He shares the value of working with me (using unusual research methods) to sharpen his targeting and messaging. This is the level of service you’ll get from working with me. And hopefully 🙂 your video will be next to Kel’s.

PS: For those who are yet to read the OutboundFintech blog, know that this service is inspired by lessons learnt from cold emailing and researching on the daily; from the compliments, all the way to the “remove me, not interested, don’t email me” (in a grumpy voice)

Fractional Cold Emailing

Fintech founders without a sales team, this one is for you if:

  • You’re not ready to hire a full-on sales team to find and spark sales conversations with potential customers.
  • You’re sure your product/service has an ideal customer, who could benefit from targeted outreach rather than spray and pray.
  • Are not sure who your ideal customers are (but have hunches) and want to confirm these hunches through outreach and engaging customers one on one.
If you don’t have an existing cold email system in place, I’ll need to set it up from scratch ($500 setup and consulting fee). Here’s what will happen:
  • Purchase and setup of a separate cold email web domain (we don’t use your company email).
  • Create 3 email addresses within your new web domain.
  • Warm up the new email addresses for 3 weeks (you can’t go from 0 to 100 without this).
  • Technical email deliverability set up for all 3 email accounts (DKIM, DMARC, SPF).
  • Ideal customer research including Voice of customer data collection from competitor’s testimonials and review sites like G2, etc.
  • 3 email sequence copywriting.


$650 / month (no contract—pay as you go)
  • Reach out to 100 new prospects
  • 300 emails sent in total
  • Ideal customer research and list building according to triggers
  • Personalised email copy—relevance is key to positive responses


$2,500 / month (no contract—pay as you go)
  • Reach out to 500 new prospects
  • 1,500 emails sent in total
  • Ideal customer research and list building according to triggers
  • Personalised email copy—relevance is key to positive responses

What I can help you with

Outsourced lead research

List building is the hardest part of prospecting for many salespeople. There’s a lot of repetitive work, moving data that sucks up people’s time.


$1,000 / 500 prospects
  • Build account list from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, etc.
  • Find contact person and their emails
  • Verify emails
  • Find personalization info (if needed-even the hard to find bits)

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and competitor research

What are the visible indicators that companies using your product or service have? 

And how can you use these indicators to find others like them who might need your product/service? 

These include specific keywords on website copy or use of a particular technology, e.g. finding companies that use Stripe then pitching an alternative.

Our offer:

  • We’re going to snoop on your existing customers—including your competitors’—and find the factors that tie them together. 
  • Find the keywords your customers use to describe themselves, their solution, the problems they face and their impact.
  • Study voice of customer data from platforms like G2 and Capterra, then extract the problem-impact-success picture customers in your category paint. 
  • Run them through databases like Crunchbase and Sales Nav to discover factors that identify your ICP, so it’s easier to find more like them…
  • Snoop on your competitors’ customers (from publicly available data) to see what they can teach you about reaching similar companies.

By the end of this, you will have insightful and actionable data on how to find prospects matching your Ideal Customer Profile… at a level many don’t bother to.


  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) insight report

Cold email copywriting (intro email only)

The first email in your sequence needs to intrigue enough to get an open while bringing attention to a customer’s problem.

But this requires insight into your prospect’s pain points, a trigger that shows your outreach is relevant, and copy that agitates prospects enough for them to re-examine how things stand—without annoying them.

We’ll help you research your customers (dig through G2 reviews, testimonials, etc.) and craft that first email.


$300 / Intro email copy+voice of customer research
  • 2 subject lines
  • Voice of customer pain point research
  • Agitating line
  • 2 call to action (soft and hard alternatives)
  • The quick pitch paragraph

SOPs for sales teams

Salespeople are constantly moving up or out. How are you retaining their knowledge and passing it onto new hires during onboarding?

We’ll help you document your best sales processes as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

All you have to do is:

  • Pick a process you repeat over 4 times a week. E.g. LinkedIn prospecting. 
  • Have someone record their screen while doing it and talking like they’re teaching an intern while sipping tea.


$50 / SOP
  • 1 sales process is mapped
  • 1 standard operating procedure doc is created
  • Final format will include text and screenshots
  • We can also cut your process video recordings into 30 sec-1 minute SOPs for areas in need of deeper explanations